Free startup business course shows people how to start a business and succeed. With the economy up and down like a roller coaster, the percentage of Americans who want to start a small business is up from 70 percent. Add to that the retiring baby boomers and you have a massive march of business startups.

The hurdle for most is knowing what to do first. Many point their mouse to Google or Yahoo and search for a web designer. But there are several critical steps to do first, such as finding the best keyword-laden domain name.

A lack of know-how fuels the growing statistic of new business failures within two to five years. Of those businesses that do make it, only 39 percent are able to make a profit. That means the investment in hosting, web design and marketing is never recovered.

Imagine a startup business course that points the way to a high profit website business. How successful would a business be as a result of following the same startup steps that the big money sites follow?

Now, there is an excellent startups business course that is so easy to understand, a fifth grader could take the 20 classes and make money within 90 days.

It is an ecourse, which means that the course is an email course. Each lesson is emailed to the enrollee. How convenient is that! The one-a-day emails continue for 20 days. Each lesson eases the student startup closer to success one small step at a time. By the end of the 20 days, the student has started their business by getting the best domain name and inviting hundreds of visitors without spending a penny on paid advertising.

The big payoff for this course is the 90-day internet marketing plan that's included at the end of the course. The plan includes a checklist that graduates follow for 3 months. The 90-day plan insures the continuation of the steps to success.

The bonus is nice, too. Completion of the 20-day email lesson plan rewards enrollees with a report on how to write a news release and submit it to the press.

Like any college class, the accompanying workbook provides additional details on the subject of each lesson. It's worth the few dollars to get the workbook.

Anyone who wants to start a business on the Internet should get some information before plunging into it, because people lose money making common mistakes. And the failure rate is high. Learn how to start a business and succeed. This startups business course has it all, and it's free. I recommend that anyone interested in making money online at least, check it out.

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