Startup businesses need services that are inexpensive, scalable in design and will promote their growth. Further, they need a communication system that is easy to manage, provides seamless communication even when all workers are not in the same office, gives outside callers the feel of a company with depth, moves easily and enables its users to wear many hats. Enter Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP services.

Hosted PBX services appear to be designed with the startup in mind because they can do all that and more. Typically the business owner only needs to purchase VoIP phones to work with their selected Hosted PBX service significantly lowering capital required for a phone system. Most services bundle free outbound long distance with a subscription to their service. Combining long distance with eliminating the concept of phone lines, monthly phone costs become quite predictable while insuring all calls get through.

Hosted PBX services can include users in a seamless communication system regardless of their location because they are based on VoIP technology. The top Hosted PBX services provide all telephone users with the ability to transfer calls, know who is on the phone (Busy Lamp Field) and camp-on to extensions while eliminating the costs for calls between remote staff.

Hosted PBX services promotes a startup's growth by allowing effortless addition and deletion of phones, simple service and phone moves and new employees to work from their home when office space is not available. Further, the startup can test new market areas by merely publishing a local number in that area while receiving those calls in their home area. Whether the new market area produces the desired results or not, a Hosted PBX service significantly reduces the risk by minimizing the investment.

The startup business owner must wear many hats. They include answering calls, meeting clients and potential clients in the office and out in the field and traveling to promote their business. Published phone numbers can ring multiple phones in multiple locations. The Mobile PBX option of premium Hosted PBX or VoIP providers will pass business calls on to mobile phones when the called party does not answer their desk phone. Calls will get answered without anyone being chained to a desk. In addition, faxes and voicemails can be delivered via email permitting the traveler to stay in touch with all of their messages.

Startup businesses must be very sensitive to appearing as a startup or small business with limited resources. The caller's perception is greatly influenced by how calls are answered. Live body answers, auto attendants and individual voicemail greetings give the feel of a company with resources. In contrast, calls answered by general company voicemail boxes convey a small company appearance. The many features of a Hosted PBX service will facilitate a professional image of a company with resources.

Hosted PBX services from VoIP providers are perfect for the startup business. They provide communication services that are inexpensive, scalable in design and foster the growth of the business. They are easy to manage, provide seamless communication even when all workers are not in the same office, give outside callers the feel of a company with depth, move easily and enable its users to wear many hats. Lastly they allow the owners to stay in constant communication with their customers and employees without ever giving out their personal mobile phone number allowing the entrepreneur to remain a private individual, too.

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